Zero to Zenith is an ambitious project to explore, document, and share hiking routes to every single country's highest peak (Zenith) starting from sea level (Zero).

We are developing the content, platform, and community to create the entire experience. Currently, we are working to:

  • ⛰ Document reliable information about each country’s Zenith
  • 🧭 Provide detailed trail maps
  • ❤️ Establish a community for fellow Zenithists
  • 📈 Create a Zenithist leaderboard for each country

We are outdoor enthusiasts and travelers who want to share our knowledge and build a community that makes it easy and safe to discover, enjoy, and promote the highest peak of each independent country in the world.

Zero to Zenith is run on a non-profit basis and is free of charge.


Wille Keihänen Designer & Co-Founder

Dmytro Izotov Developer & Co-Founder